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Hand Tidy (Instant Hand & Skin Disinfectant) - Non-toxic, bio-safe with Natural Aroma. Effective against COVID 19, Swine-flu, conjunctivitis & diarrheal diseases. ""

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Features and Benefits:

  • It is one of the fastest acting and highly effective hand and skin disinfectants, which kills a broad spectrum of disease causing germs and also removes dirts and stains completely with ease by using various plant essential oils.
  • It has been indigenously developed by R&D department of Mimansha Herbals & is completely safe to human beings and can be used anywhere without much care as it is 100% natural.
  • Every time you clean with the herbal hand sanitizer, you avail aromatherapy benefits such as relaxation, stress relief and even a stronger memory.
  • It requires less time than a traditional hand wash.
  • More effective and faster acting.
  • Less drying than soap and water.
  • It can be used in all clinical situations (including sterile procedures) EXCEPT when hands are visibly dirty.


  • To decrease germs in minor cuts.
  • For disinfectors skin preparation prior to surgery.
  • As an effective hand sanitizer for general health care by personnel involved in food handling, food preparation etc.
  • Applied externally for cooling soothing application for bedridden patient’s athletis.
  • It is more effective than chemical based disinfectants.

Mode of Application: A small amount of liquid about 2-3ml rubbed evenly over the hands kills 99.5% of germs virtually on contact. Only 2-3 ml rubbed for 15 seconds gives protection upto 3-4 hours.

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